Diary of an Underachiever

Welcome to my new blog site!  At this point, it is still very much a work in progress through which I intend to tell my story at a transitional time in my life.  Hopefully, it will someday prove to be inspirational, but at the very least, it should be entertaining.

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The Numbers Game

Good goals should always be specific and measurable. You’ve probably already heard that before.  “I want to lose weight” is something people say all the time, for example, but it fails to answer questions that need to be asked.  How much weight do you want to lose?  How long do you expect it to take? … Continue reading The Numbers Game

Customer Disservice

I don’t post much on Facebook these days. For several years, it was routine for me to comment on karaoke nights, sports news, interesting life occurrences, and other humorous or random thoughts I felt like sharing.  Outside of vacations, I’ve never really been one to put up a bunch of photos–most other pictures found on … Continue reading Customer Disservice

Into the Fire

Being “the new guy” can mean many different things. In any case, you’ve been selected to come in and fill a major hole, replace someone else that’s been lost, and, most likely, to solve problems.  Think of a typical NFL offseason, for instance.  All 32 teams in the league–even the good ones–have at least one … Continue reading Into the Fire

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