Life Marches On

Setting goals is a good thing.  Reaching them, however, can often prove to be quite difficult.

In my previous post, “The Collaborators,” I mentioned that I had set a personal goal of writing two entries per week.  My last post was nearly three weeks ago.  Oops.

A few days after my previous post, when the next one likely would’ve been written, I suffered through a bout of presumed food poisoning that proceeded to make my life miserable for at least a day and a half.  I had intended to take my car in for its next scheduled maintenance on that Tuesday (two weeks ago today), but the illness delayed that plan for a couple days.

I brought my car in for service two days later, figuring to spend maybe two hours waiting for an oil change, inspection, and any further maintenance that might be necessary.  The day before, I had experienced an issue with my car starting to overheat on the way home from some errands, but after discovering that there was virtually no coolant left in it, I Uber-ed my way over to a Wal-Mart to buy some, and figured that the problem was thus solved once I filled up the tank.

Not so much.  Within a couple miles of driving away from the shop, I observed my car overheating again, just after the car had received its recommended maintenance.  Apparently the routine inspection of the vehicle had not been enough to discover a leaky radiator in need of replacement.  Once they found this problem, the station offered to fix it that afternoon before closing up for the day, but would do so at a stiff price.  On the advice of my girlfriend Mia, who knows significantly more about cars than I do, I decided to take the car elsewhere.  After all, I could still drive it for a short distance before the overheating would become a problem.

I was able to take the car over to another auto mechanic just before their shop closed, where I left it overnight to be worked on in the morning.  The shop, recommended by a friend who has gone there several times, charged half the price that I would’ve paid at the original place.  Clearly, it was well worth the mild annoyance of leaving the car overnight and picking it up the next day.

By this time it was Friday afternoon, and after driving the car around town a bit to ensure that the problem was actually fixed this time, I headed home and queued up yet another session of Final Fantasy XII, a video game I’ve been diligently playing for months.  Meanwhile, after spending about three months surfing the web to find new employment, I had finally received a job offer with a scheduled start date of June 1st, a Thursday.  Mia and I had also planned on taking a road trip from that Saturday through the Wednesday right before my job started, so that Friday would be my final day spent at home before starting a new job.  I wanted to relax and enjoy it, so writing a blog post was probably not going to happen that day.


I was also certain that I would not be writing any posts during the trip.  While it’s true that one of the draws to blogging is that I can theoretically do so anywhere I’ve got a computer and an internet connection, this particular trip was not going to be the time to prove it.  We spent the weekend celebrating Mia’s mom’s birthday in Walnut, California before driving down to San Diego to watch three Cubs games.  It was also our one-year anniversary as a couple, which would have made it especially disappointing if any lingering car troubles had prevented us from going.

It was at least conceivable that I could’ve written my next post on Thursday evening, after returning home from my first day of work.  But that, too, was pretty unlikely.  Mia was still on vacation and did not return to work until today, and I’ve found it easiest to write while she’s busy teaching her online classes.  So with this being my best opportunity to write in some time, I knew I needed to take advantage, and here I am.  Hey, better late than never, I suppose.


I guess it’s fair to say that it has been a very eventful few weeks, and it’s also easy to see how writing has temporarily taken a backseat to other things both good and bad.  While life figures to return to a more normal routine going forward, it will still be a challenge to determine how the blog fits into the big picture.  On the one hand, I don’t expect to get sick, deal with car troubles, or take any more major trips in the near future.  And I swear that I’m finally nearing the end of that ridiculously long Final Fantasy XII adventure that has consumed so much of my free time during the last four months or so.

On the other hand, I’ve just rejoined the full-time working world, which now limits my writing mostly to weekday evenings.  On top of that, Mia and I are also planning to start working out on a daily basis, ramping up with relatively easy stuff for a couple weeks before taking on the infamously difficult P90X program to get back in shape.  It figures to be a daunting task, and will further limit the window of time in which to write.  But if I still believe that it is an important and worthy pursuit to commit my thoughts to paper–or, well, computer screen–then I’ll find the time to keep it going as regularly as I had intended.  No matter how busy you may think you are, there will always be time for the things that really matter in life.  It’s just not always easy to determine what those things might be.


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